Message From Managing Director

“SPARK” is a Garment buying house in Bangladesh strictly adhering to international standards of quality garments since 2009. It has been rendering widespread buying, sourcing, producing & product development service for all apparel buyers since its inceptions. It is a one stop buying management house ensuring world class quality products as well as arranging product of garments of all kind & ranges with quick turnaround.

“SPARK” is running with well qualified , well experienced and results oriented individuals in the global market. We ensure you to cater high quality garments which can compete global market to make sure continue fascinating journey within the new revolution.

We welcome you to visit our Cooperate office at Uttara, Dhaka Bangladesh and as well as associate factories with the assurance that you will certainly be satisfied with our performance and working environments.

We look forward to the coming days with determination to remain faithful to our customers/clients. May Allah guide us and help us in every step of our profession.

Mahamudal Hassan